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Flavoured Fog Custom Vape Bands UK

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Another happy customer - Flavoured Fog should receive their black silicone and white ink custom printed vape bands soon! 

* Flavoured Fog Custom Printed Vape Bands by* Flavoured Fog 2 Custom Printed Vape Bands by

These custom printed silicone vape bands are being used to promote the brand 'Flavoured Fog'!

This is another example of how custom vape bands by & can help you to promote your cause – whether it be developing new business, raising funds for a charitable cause, promoting your band/group or adding a personal touch to an event, you really can’t go wrong with these silicone vape bands.

Vape Bands tend to go like wildfire, so if you're ever in need of raising money for a cause, then consider custom printed vape bands!

To get a bit of inspiration for your own vape bands, check out our gallery and shop page