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  1. One question we consistently get asked is do your Vape Bands / Vape Rings fit around a Sub-Tank?

    The answer is yes.

    The vape bands are made out of silicone so tend to be very stretchy and can fit around most standard vape pens.

    The most common vape pens that I have seen them used for is the KangerTech Sub-Tank / Sub-Box Mini.

    They fit around these extremely easy, barely stretching at all in the process.

    You don't have to worry about ruining your vape bands when they stretch, as due to the material, they tend to bounce back to shape really well.

    vape pen tsp bg

  2. There’s not many companies that you will find custom printing vape bands, as it is a fairly new product on the market.

    Most companies will just offer ‘stock’ of generic vape bands with vaping phrases etc on them, but most people find these to be tacky and unappealing.

    Custom printing vape bands has proved an effective method of marketing for many vape stores across the UK.

    Mostly used to give away as promotional items with the companies name or to be sold for £1 as an accessory

    These are a great way to advertise yourself to other vapers in your area without having to post an advert.

    I’ve noticed that vape bands are always a great centre piece of conversation when it comes to talking about vaping and with your shops’s name printed on them - you can’t really go far wrong in terms of word of mouth advertising.


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